How to auto-import/archive long list of websites?

Hello all:

Would someone kindly explain how to point DT at a list of URL’s and have it import each of the sites?

I’m just getting started with DTPro and I’m trying to import/archive a long list of websites. Off course, I can easily import them by pasting each url one at a time into the download manager from File>Import Site, but it’s not efficient for a long list of sites.

Thanks for any help!

One possibility is to script this, see AppleScript command “add download”. But writing the script might require even more time.

Another possibility would be to copy & paste or drag & drop Safari bookmarks to the download manager. But this possibility requires that the list is already part of Safari’s bookmarks.

Ok, thanks. I guess I’m going to have to bite the bullet and study up on applescripting a bit.