How to automate the grouping of email

I have several thousand emails in my DT Inbox imported from Apple Mail. Can I automate the grouping of these emails? The automated grouping steps suggested by David Sparks in his field guide don’t seem to work for email.

Alternatively, how do I delete the emails?


Grouping them based on what ?

You can delete emails as simply as any other document in a database.

Like Subject
My process is manual; i create a subject group for the thread

For automation; I can also use text search
Email Subject is indexed metadata

You could also try View > Sort > by Conversations in List or Columns view.

Do you mean you want to set up folders (called groups in DT) for different emails? You can do this with smart rules. How smart rules work is explained in the manual, but to be honest I only gave it a skim and then I figured out how it worked by actually making some. The menu options are fairly self-explanatory and if you’ve got a computer-y/logical mind you’ll probably be fine.

For example, you could create a group for emails about X issue, then create a smart rule “for emails that contain the word X, move to this group”. Then just run the rule and all the emails will be moved for you.

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In a somewhat related topic,
Would there be an automatic way to assign the mail icon to the email groups one can create?
In the now defunct mail extension import method, threads would come in grouped with an email icon distinguishing it from groups that held other kinds of documents.

It’s a good visible distinction of groups that hold the email threads about an issue and the docs and other communications regarding the same issue.

I know I can copy/paste the icon to the group but was wondering it that was automatable or Batch task-able.

I would use Applescript code; I’m already using a script to import email to Devonthink

I thought that DT’s AI could determine from the contents of the email which emails should be grouped. That is the example in David Spark’s field guide, but using pdf files rather than email.

Thanks. I will try that.

Can smart rules be used for emails already imported into the inbox?


Thanks. I’ll consider that.