How to automatically move new files into the database inbox?

I have a database that I am syncing to CloudMe and sharing with multiple people.

I want this database to be read-only for most people (i.e. 1-way sync: pull, not push), but since this is not possible, I have locked all groups and files in the database (except the inbox). This seems to be an acceptable workaround as it avoids accidental editingā€¦although it still allows people to move files and groups out of order :frowning:

The idea is that one or two people are the ā€œadministratorsā€ of the database, and the others use it as a reference library and can periodically sync the database to the latest version.

The problem now is that some people are creating new files in the database which is supposed to be read-only. Most of the time this is likely done accidentally. Ideally, the inbox should be used for new files and then sorted into the relevant groups by the database ā€œadministratorā€.

Is there anyway to have DEVONthink automatically move newly created files to the database inbox?

Rather than this idea, perhaps consider using the webserver features of DEVONthink. Or their server product. I have no experience with either but I would assume the server method has ways to change permissions to prevent change, but please check.

Start with Page 67 of the Manual.

Others can comment on your query, and comment on wisdom of using server. I just thought I would throw that idea out there for your consideration.

The server is local network only which wonā€™t work as everyone is remote.

Page 67 (and beyond) in the Manual discusses people outside the local network accessing the inside-network server. And DEVONtechnologiesā€™s Server product (stepping out on a limb here as I have no experience with the product but know servers) able to work outside the local network on the ā€œInternetā€.

You could try a simple Smart Rule that moves all newly created records to a databaseā€™s inbox.


Matches: kind:any
Perform the following actions: On Creation
Move to > database inbox

Such a Smart Rule might be very confusing for non-administrators, though.

Could be just what you want as thereā€™s probably no better way to remind people that what theyā€™re doing is not what they should do :smile:


@rmschne is correct. If proper port-forwarding is done, you can use the websharing over the internet.

Also, @pete31 is correct in that whoever is administering the database(s) should also be tasked with reminding people of acceptable actions. All individuals can also create their own individual databases that arenā€™t synced. This would allow them to create and organize their own files, related or unrelated to the syncing database youā€™re referring to.

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Perfect, thanks!

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