How to avoid DTPO asking for sync code shown on remote Mac?

title says it all, I hope. I have two Macs syncing several databases directly, i.e. not through a sync store or Dropbox or anything. Every now and then, I get asked to type in a sync code that is shown on the screen of the other Mac.

My question is, is this happening randomly or can I do anything to avoid this? Of course I can VPN to the other Mac, share the screen, look up the code, switch back DTPO on my local Mac, find the very elusive little window again that expects that code to be typed in…
But in general I don’t enjoy having to do it so often, it really gets in the way. So what is causing it?

Define “every now and then”.

I sync daily about four to five database, each of them once.
As a rough estimate, this happens three times a week.

With respect, while I can see that the frequency might define the severity of the symptom, I have asked for causality.

To be more precise: Whatever the underlying reason for asking for the verification codes may be, what can one do to avoid this?

When it happened today, I took a screenshot. Is anybody else seeing this phenomenon? From the scarcity of replies it seems that either not many people are making use of the syncing feature at all or that I am the unfortunate minority.

If anyone is reading who is on the fence for the syncing feature: It works, even when the security feature (see screenshot) kicks in and forces you to remotely log into the remote Mac, memorize the code displayed there, switch back to the local Mac and paste it in.
Mildly annoying but does not detract from its reliability, I use it every day and it has so far never done the wrong thing.
Just to put things into perspective :slight_smile:

What’s your Sync interval?

I sync manually, once or twice a day, depending on whether or not I intend to continue work at home.

Thanks for the info.