How to backup DEVONnote?


How do I backup my DEVONnote database?

– MJ

Two ways.

To make a current internal backup, run File > Verify & Repair, followed by File > Backup & Optimize. If you need that backup at a later time, select File > Restore Backup and choose the most recent Backup folder.

To make an external backup, first close DEVONnote. Now go to the Finder and locate the database at ~/Library/Application Support/. Your database is the folder named DEVONnote. Select (don’t open) that folder. Control-click (right-click) on it and choose the contextual menu to Create Archive of “DEVONnote” folder. Now you have a compressed copy of the database and can move it to the directory of your choice, e.g. Documents. If you need the external backup, double-click on it to decompress it, then move it to ~/Library/Application Support/.

Three ways. :wink:

There is also a quickpick you can download from our website for .Mac backup.

The third way will not work in my case. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tips, Bill & Annard. I can also sync the file (I use Chronosync to do my daily backups) without compressing it, right?

– MJ

Ancient post, still helpful and relevant today. Exactly what I needed to know.

Thanks so much… m(_ _)m

Bill is a very wise man. :smiley: