How to change focus (move cursor) from item list to editor pane


I can’t figure out which keyboard shortcut or menu item to use to change focus (move cursor) from item list to editor pane. I just want to move the cursor, not open the item in a new window (not ⌘O).

thank you very much

Control-Tab, according to the rather excellent guide (also available as in-app Help).

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thanks very much for the answer and the reference to the downloadable help manual.
have a nice day !

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Could I just piggy back on this post to add a feature request?

It would be really helpful if the Item List (in any of its different views) and the Editing / Viewing Pane were accessible via a menu item (so we can add our own shortcuts).

The problem with the current arrangement (Ctl-tab) is that it only goes to the next panel — and as there are many different combinations of layouts (is the tab bar / display pane / sidebar open?) you end up pressing Ctl-tab a varying number of times.

When you’re doing this manually, it’s not so bad (because you can use shift-ctl-tab to go backwards), but it’s not really workable if you’re trying to automated something by using Keyboard Maestro for something.

We can already get to the tags bar / panel by using ctrl-enter. It would be useful to have a similar ‘Cursor to Item List’ menu item, etc.



great idea ! I totally agree

The next release will add some new menu items and default shortcuts to do this.


thank you Christian !

Excellent — thanks, Christian!