How to clear formatting in Annotations textbox

I’m trying to enter some comments into the annotation textbox by copy-pasting it from a website and somehow it keeps the original formatting in the annotation textbox (in this particular case the black background) and I just want plain text.

Is there any way to clear all formatting from this text field?

Format > Style > Plain will remove various styles. Alternatively use Edit > Paste and Match Style.

Hmmm, it does not work for the existing note.
It seems like when I pasted formatted text to begin with, the “Annotations” textbox retained the formatting settings.
Although when I click on Format > Style the Plain option is already selected.
But the text still retains the black background (as if highlighted) under the text, just like in the screenshot.

As you can see the Style is set to Plain but there is still formatting in the textbox

This removes only styles but doesn’t change background/foreground colors. To remove the background color, just select the text and then press Cmd-Shift-L (see Format > Highlight) twice.

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Yes, that solved the problem! Thank you!