How to configure the Search-Scope of the Menu-Bar Search Window

One of Devonthink’s Search options is available in the Menu Bar. Cool.

Is it possible to configure the Search Scope of the Menubar search Option because for the time being it only seems to search Folders and tags but not Files.

The Sorter was designed as a unified way to enter new files and data into DEVONthink. The search option helps to find folders that content can be drag and dropped in too, rather than as a method for finding existing files.

Fair enough @aedwards.

Upon your smart answer, the need for an overall invokable Search-Function appears on the scene …

Believe it or not: But for finding stuff in Devonthink quickly, for the time being, I am using HoudahSpot’s Quick-Search. We really do need to have such a search function as genuine for Devonthink exclusively, don’t we?

Does the search facility in the main DEVONthink application not produces the results you are looking for?

The built-in toolbar search in DEVONthink should provide the power and options for searching.
As you also mentioned, there are third-party options including our own DEVONsphere Express.

IMHO, it seems like you are using DT as a repository of collections more like an advanced Finder BUT not as the center of your information processing.

If that’s the case, it is quite normal to rely on 3rd party apps (DEVONsphere, Alfred, etc) that focus on systemwide search. It’s just the case that some apps have tailored the search specifically for DT.


Your answers are somewhat surprising, however. Why would one use Devonthink in the first place to carry out Searches later with Houdah Spot or DevonSphere … And even more so: Why can’t I find a particular instruction on especially this very fact. Devonthink, besides other more specific use cases, is of course a tool of power when it come to search … Because: Before processing and understanding data, one has to “smart collect” or search data. Wouldn’t you quite say so, @ngan?

Just my very limited personal interpretation only: there are users like me who do everything within DT and rely on DT search most of the time, and there are users working with different apps frequently, use DT as a container of info, and use 3rd party app to retrieve data from DT (DT doesn’t even needed to be opened sometimes). There are obviously other numerous user scenarios. So, please ignore my ignorant comment.

Both of your answers were very inspiring for me, @ngan. So thanks anyway.

Maybe, I just need to try harder to achieve what I’ve been looking for …