How to connect to applications

I have a number of web site clients, and when I sign on a new client I have to access a series of applications to establish their informationn.

How can I set up a document linking to applications on my hard disk?

For example:


When I tried dragging them over I continually crashed. I also tried aliases, but same thing happened.

I see myself copying a document like this for each new client.

There’s a trick that I have used successfully with other applications, and which works with DT as well:

  1. Create a plain text file (i.e. with TextEdit) called “Dreamweaver.command” and containing the lines

    open /Applications/

  2. Put this file in a safe place and make it executable (using chmod in a terminal window).

  3. In DT, choose “Link to…” and select the command file.

Then if you select this document in DT, use “Open in Terminal” from the “Content” menu to launch the application.