How to convert a folder into an outline (checkbox instead)

I made a folder and put lots of content inside. Now I want to change the folder icon to a checkbox icon (outline) – how do I do this ??

I know how to start such an icon (“Create a new outline”) from the beginning, but what do I do when I already have a standard folder :unamused:

You could either…

  1. select the group, open the contextual menu and select “State > Show”
  2. select the group, open the Info panel and activate the “Show State” option

Cool :slight_smile: …unfortunately however everything inside gets a checkbox as well.

However when I create the outline from the start, and then I create another folder - then I drag that other folder into the outline – it remains being a folder and the outline checkbox in the parent “folder” remains as well!

So technically it is possible to have the situation of a folder which has a checkbox - and inside you have just anything you want.

What I like about this is that I can check that box when I’m done with my stuff inside.

I’d like therefore to have this function: to simply change the icon of a folder to a checkbox without being forced to lose the icons of my things inside.