How to convert an imported database to an indexed database

I have a database of imported documents and many, many replicants of those documents. I would like to convert the entire database to an indexed database without loosing the replicants. I want to do this so that other applications can access the documents.

If there is a way for other applications to access imported documents without corrupting the DT database, I could give that a try also.

Is there is a way to accomplish either of these? Also, would I be giving up too much by moving from imported to indexed?

I appreciate the help. Thanks…

What kind of access do you need? Right now it’s possible to open & edit documents via Data > Open With > …, to drag & drop documents to other applications and to drag & drop documents to the Open panel of other applications.

The access I was looking for was to make use of other OpenMeta tag apps and other search programs–I like to have options. I did work through moving folders from imported to indexed and I think I’ve handled most of the issues I encountered earlier.

However, after reading through the forums, I’ve decided that I would give up too much by switching from imported to indexed.

The best scenario would be to have access to my databases from other apps. This would give me all of the benefits of DT and the options that other apps might provide. So if you would tell me if that would be possible–without damaging my DT databases–I would appreciate it. Thanks…

Just curious but what did you read?

Tagging internal/imported documents via OpenMeta applications isn’t supported, therefore indexing is recommended for such usage scenarios.