How to convert from one huge big DT library on NAS to indexed folder in easier way?

I have a huge big DT library in my NAS, but I not always turn on NAS, when I want to access this library on NAS, it is a little bit slow to load it.

Instead, I plan to index all these folders located on NAS, then when I open NAS and DT3, it will load local index DT library quickly and only takes time to the files that I want to open. It will speed up loading time, am I right?

If yes, is it the only way that I move all files in the DT library to specific folder on NAS first, then index them all into DT3? Any other shortcuts to convert it?

Where’s the actual database (extension .dtBase2 or .dtSparse) currently located? On the NAS?

.dtbase2 on NAS now.

That’s indeed not recommended due to the poor performance & reliability, at least without a fast & wired connection (e.g. gigabit ethernet or faster).

The easiest possibility to change the location of the files is to index an empty folder on the NAS and then to move all items of your database into the just indexed group. Then DEVONthink will automatically change their location but this might take a while depending on the speed of the NAS & the connection and the size of the database.

You mean move all items from old library to new indexed empty folder in devonthink?

Yes, in DEVONthink. No need to create a second database, just move the old items into the new, indexed group.

ok Thank you. I will give it a try!