How to copy an indexed file into database?

Is it possible to copy an indexed file into the database from within DT? E. G. I have an indexed folder in DT and control-click on one file of that folder. If i select “Duplicate” and chose another group, the indexed file will be duplicated to the group in DT but also duplicated within the original indexed folder. However, I just want to copy the indexed file into the DT database. I know I can do by draggin it from the Finder but I’d like to achieve this within the DT window.

You could use right-click > Move into database first, but many people just use Replicate. I don’t know your reasoning so I can’t say that would be ideal for you though.

Use case: I joined a shared Dropbox folder, which I have indexed in DT. If I choose “Move into database” for a specific file in the shared Dropbox folder, the file is moved into the DT database and no longer available for other members of that shared folder. There should be an option like “Copy into database” in DT … neither duplicating nor replicating would work in this case … or am I just missing something?