How to copy Title/URL to clipboard?

I can’t seem to find a command/script to copy the Title/URL of DT records to the clipboard for easy insertion into a bibliography/reference. I notice that I have been forced to launch the associated URL in Safari (most of my records are RTF) and then use scripts/Safari extensions I have in Safari to do this. It sure would save alot of time to be able do this within DT. Am I missing a feature here? If not, the scripts we already have to Append URL/Date to records for export should be very close. Is it possible to modify these simply to just have that information go to the Clipboard. If so, it would be great to have a choice of:

Copy URL
Copy Title/URL
Copy Title/URL/Date

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Just have a look at the Standard Additions and then use something like this:

set the clipboard to theTitle

Well,that seems easy enough. I will give it a try.