How to create a custom search set

I do not know how to create a search set in DevonAgent that searches an entire specific web-site.
Here’s the exact problem, I want to search for music on a particular radio station The playlists have specific dates that are denoted in the site location, i.e. for Feb. 1, 2012, the playlist site is:, etc.
That is very tedious. There must be a simpler way.
Are there any “wildcard” like operators for site locations? Searching to no avail.

Entering and adding the location…[01-31]

…via the “Sites” tab of the “Search Sets” panel should actually add all desired URLs.

That worked like a charm… Thank-you!

Is there some kind of source or type of dictionary that one could refer to in order to learn all these various techniques? Boolean operators are elementary, but the more advanced syntax seems hidden to the novice. Knowing these techniques saves enormous amounts of time and makes the difference between success and failure.