How to create a smart group and exclude selected subgroups from the research?

I need to create a smart group that search for the files on all the database but some specified subgroups.
How do I set the condition?
I’m not able to find any option when I create the smart group.
Please note that I don’t want to exclude ALL the subgroups.

Thank you!

Smart groups can only search in one database/group. But you could replicate the desired groups into a new group and search in this group.

So you talk of creating a new group where I replicate all the groups I need, so that the files contained in those groups (virtually) converge there.
Then I can create a smart rule that investigate in that group. Is it?

So the next question: how do I automatically replicate the files when they are added to those specific groups?
I always update the groups with new content.
Is it possible?

That’s right and…

…that’s not necessary. The groups are replicated once, not the files inside of them.

Uh that’s right: you said to replicate the groups, not the single files inside of them. There’s a difference.
Thank you very much!