How to create "non smart rules"?

Hi, my regular import process is Scansnap to devonthink… There are some documents belong to the same type (e.g. account statements). So I would like to create a rule, that renames the document and moves it to a certain group. However I just don’t know how to create an action that will be executed just on selected files. :frowning:
And another question: Devonthink show in the word cloud the words that appear often in a document. Would it be possible to use the “number one word” as a part of the name for the document in an action or rule?

Smart rules can be applied to the current selection via Tools > Apply Rule > … However, only those selected items matching the conditions of the smart rule are used. Therefore a generic condition like “Kind is Any Document” should work.

This is only possible via AppleScript (see “Execute Script” action).

I am not suggesting this is a good idea, since the concordance may contain words you wouldn’t use in the name. However, in the interest of educating people who are interested in automation, here is a code snippet that would preprend the first word in the concordance for a file.

tell application id "DNtp"
	repeat with thisRecord in (selection as list)
		set recordConcordance to (get concordance of record thisRecord sorted by weight)
		set topWord to item 1 of recordConcordance
		set currentName to (name of thisRecord)
		set name of thisRecord to (topWord & "_" & currentName as string)
	end repeat
end tell