How to create smart tags and aliases in a database?


I created a database and now I want to implement a tag system on that. I wish to improve it, using aliases too.

This database is about 3D printers. My initial idea is create tags or aliases base on:

  • company name
  • technology
  • material
  • application
  • etc

or use the inspector concordance to help to classify that in an easy way.

This image shows how the system looks like. For that moment I just create some tags (manually), but I’m looking for an automation way to do that. Any suggestions?

How do you exactly tag documents manually, e.g. which conditions define a tag?

Name of companies: 3DSystems, Pollen
Name of materials: PEEK, PLA, ABS, Metals

Captura de Tela 2020-06-01 às 17.28.06

That’s difficult to automate, the best option is probably an embedded, customized script used by a smart rule. This script could look for known companies/materials and add/create the necessary tags.

Tks. I will try.