How to create web archives from OmniWeb

Hi guys, sorry for a really basic question. I’ve had DPTO for several years. OmniWeb is my default browser. I’ve got a script installed and bookmarked that I use to save a webpage as a web archive. But after installing the latest version of DTPO, it doesn’t work any more. I just get an error sound and nothing happens.

is there a new script for this? And I’ve used the script for so long I’ve actually forgotten how to manually create a web archive. When I drag the url into DTPO it creates a bookmark, something I’m not interested in doing.

I searched through the Help and didn’t find what I was looking for, I appreciate any suggestions, thank you.

The DTPO web archive bookmarklet works over here in the current versions of DTPO and OmniWeb


Copy the code, create a bookmark in OmniWeb, click the bookmark on the page you want to archive.

These bookmarklets are available here on’s download pages.

thank you for that reply. When I get into my office I’ll copy that over and test it out.

can you tell me how one would add a web archive ‘manually’?

If you are using the Sorter, holding down Command-Option while dragging a URL to a Sorter Inbox will create a Web archive instead of a bookmark. It has been years since I used OmniWeb, but in Safari you can ‘Save As…’ a page and save it as a Web Archive to the Global Inbox in the Sidebar. Perhaps OmniWeb can do this also?

In OmniWeb the default File > Save format is webarchive.