How to customize the "move to" list

Is there any way to customize the items that appear in the “move to” list? To remove items I do not want to see, to order the items in the list?
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No, the classify list (if that is what you mean; Inspectors/See also & Classify) cannot be customised; it is part of DEVONthink’s AI and will adapt itself given time. The idea is that it should suggest locations containing records similar to the one you are working on.

Take a look at page 127 of the current (3.7.2) DEVONthink handbook.

Edit: apologies, you may be talking about the Move to function in the context menu; um, no, you can’t customise that either :see_no_evil:

Thanks very much. I did mean the one in the menu. Thanks for answering!

control command m might be more useful to you; the ensuing popover has a search function - if you know where you’re trying to move the record to, it’s pretty nippy doing it that way :slight_smile:

(note that you can alter the behaviour of the popover from move to to duplicate to by pressing the option key, or from move to to replicate to by holding option command.)

Thanks, I will also try that

Building on @Blanc’s suggestion, to display a specific set of groups, you could replicate those groups to a certain group/tag titled e.g. “Move Favorites”. Now you can filter for that group/tag in the sidebar and pick from just those groups underneath it.

I like that idea a lot. How do I replicate a group name to include in a “move favorites” group? Is the “move favorites” group a new database?

First you create a new group or tag A, and then use right-click->replicate to->A on other groups to replicate them into the group A you created. You can then use that group for quick access when moving items (e.g. via drag-and-drop).

If this is confusing to you, then I’d recommend you read the general help sections on groups and tags