how to databases other than 'Inbox'

Is it possible to sync databases other than the Global Inbox from Devonthink Pro to DTTG? So far I have had no luck getting this to happen.

I first tried to sync via a direct connection but only the Global Inbox was copied. None of the other databases (which were all open at the time) were copied, and most of my useful stuff in these databases.

I then sync’ed my Devonthink data to a DropBox folder, and tried to sync DTTG via that route. Though the databases where copied to Dropbox they are not listed in the Dropbox window that appears in DTTG when I select ‘Edit Locations’. That window only shows Global Inbox (and ‘not yet synced’). I cannot tell if DTTG is checking the correct Dropbox folder (I did not tell it which folder to look in) as this information is not shown.

Quite possibly I am missing out some essential step, but I cannot see what it is - any advice would be welcome.
all the best,

Of course, it’s not only possible, but part of the process. Please start a Support Ticket.