How to define a search set that downloads pdfs

Hi there,

I don’t get it. There is a archive of pdfs, I have got access to, that provides download links to pdfs.

I want to download all pdfs and I thought I might do it by defining a search set, that crawls this very page and searches every pdf for “spektrum die woche” (default query), which is written on every pdf (it’s the title).
In the Advanced settings I checked only Search in Text, and Files PDF&Postscript documents.
In Sites-> Location there is the URL and in User and Password are my Username and my password, so that in the Locationwindow I have got: username:password@www.spektrum.d … he/archiv/

Activating the search brings 215 html-links, 37 images and 28 thumbnail Galleries.

This is not what I was looking for … hmpf.

Any hints what I am doing wrong anyone?

Thanks Matze

Search sets can only use HTTP authentication but this webpage uses a form for authentication and therefore accessing the protected stuff fails.

Schade. Danke für die Info.