How to define search scope as "all databases"

How do you define a scope to “all databases”? Shift-Command-F sometimes opens to that, and sometimes not. I’ve never figured out any consistent method.

From page 86 of the user guide (also available through the in-app Help):

Search scopes: After you’ve done a search, you will also see a bar above the search results allowing you to choose the scope of the search. The scope is the “where” you’re searching. You will be shown All Databases, Inboxes, the name of the current database, and the name of the current group, if you’re currently viewing one. Choose one to expand or limit where DEVONthink is searching. If you are searching in a particular location and want to ignore possible matches in the subgroups, enable the Exclude Subgroups checkbox, as needed.



In addition to @Stephen_C’s terrific pointer, see in Menu: DEVONthink → Preferences/Settings (however it is named for you) → Tab: General → Tab: General (again) → Item: Search Scope where you can set your default Search Scope.


Got it! Thank you, Stephen_C and mschne, for those very helpful replies.