How to delete files which can't be repaired?

I tried verify and repair and there are a 114 files that DPTO can’t repair – they are mostly geo-tiff files (and a few pdfs) that were in a folder I had transferred to Devonthink from the MAC database. I tried Tools–> rebuild database, export / import to rebuild the database but the program froze at the last 100 or so files, not sure why.

The log from verify and repair shows their location and path – for example DATABASE.database2/files.noindex/tif/8/102_geo.tif

Is there a way I can track them down and delete manually? or do I need to worry about them - will they interfere with anything?

Assuming that the files are orphaned, then Tools > Verify & Repair should add them again to the database. How long did you wait before killing the application? Has been anything logged to the system console (see /Applications/Utilities/

Importing/indexing of damaged files might require up to 60 seconds before a timeout cancels the task and continues with the next file but usually this shouldn’t happen.

Or could you send an example file to cgrunenberg - at - Thanks.


The same is happening to me, in several databases - I am attaching one example of a file (zipped) which was indicated as orphaned, and could not be repaired. it’s a webloc, apparently, with some non-English chars.

mike (553 Bytes)

Actually this isn’t a DEVONthink database, it’s a file of the metadata cache for Spotlight (see ~/Library/Caches/Metadata). How did you add this to a database? Because the latest releases should ignore such files while trying to import/index them.