how to delete replicant copies

I am new to DevonThink, so I am still finding my way around.

When I see an item in red, that means it has replicants somewhere. Is there a easy way to delete all other copies of replicants elsewhere so that I will be left with the only copy in the current folder?


There are two possibilities right now:

  1. Drag the item from the Search window or from the History panel to the desired location, all other replicants will be removed

  2. Use the Classify drawer and select the desired location(s)

Yikes! Silently removing other instances of a replicated item by moving one with either of those methods seems at least counterintuitive to me if not a bug. It’s quite possible I’ve lost replicates that way without realizing it.

jhkc, here’s a thread with some info and a script that might also be of interest:

Finding replicants

Thanks for these quick replies. :smiley: