How to disable DEVONthink to go 3 ad in version 2?

Almost every day when I launch DEVONthink to go 2.7.9 there is an ad for version 3. How do I make this stop? I paid for the premium features and it’s still there. It takes like four taps to make it go away.

DEVONthink To Go 2 is now out of development. After eleven long and successful years, it was finally retired and replaced by its successor: DEVONthink To Go 3. Version 3 is not only more reliable and performant but also features many modern improvements, e.g., OCR, contextual menus, multiple windows, etc.

Please install version 3. When it launches it will copy the database from version 2 though you may have to add your sync locations again.
As a current version 2 owner, you are eligible for a discount on the one-time purchase, if you choose that option.


If I buy version 3 that will remove the ad from version 2?

My issue is that version 2 didn’t have an ad when I paid for it and now it has an ad for version 3 every time I go to use it. I shouldn’t have to pay to remove an ad from a product that didn’t have ads when I purchased it.

DEVONthink To Go 3 replaces version 2. You’re not removing an ad; you’ll be removing version 2 and using version 3.

11 years ? really. I cant remember it being that long?

Between DEVONthink To Go 2 and the release of version 3, yes indeed.

Unless version 3 is provided at no cost, I want to remove the ad from the software I already paid for.

It doesn’t matter if version 3 is faster, more reliable, or has new features. There is a trust issue where a notification designed to inform me about the option to upgrade can’t be disabled. This means there are now advertisements within version 2. And it bothers me that I am being told that I have to pay to get rid of them. It might come with all sorts of stuff that’s bundled with version 3, but what matters to me right now is not being advertised or disrupted while using premium software.

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To be fair, I think you have a reasonable point.

I suppose the developer is just trying to make money, and I suppose they have a point that they have to make money somehow.

Although I think the number of people in your position would be small, and Im not sure it would be that much much trouble to do.

Actually it’s not supposed to be an advertisement but a notice that a new version is available. As Apple doesn’t permit any communication with our customers that was the only way to tell people that there is an upgrade available at all.

However, it should only appear once or twice, not ‘always’. When and how often do you see it?

I didn’t think the intention was nefarious, although the response suggesting I pay to upgrade was unexpected. I don’t post on these forums often, but Bluefrog provides prolific support and I assume the issue was poor communication on my part.

I like the product, but after buying the Mac app and then the iPad app with the upgrade pack I consider myself a paying customer. The lack of Windows support has made it hard for me to integrate DT into my workflow. I don’t fault it being an Apple only suite, I knew that going into it, but it’s a limitation that makes additional investment by me harder to justify. I want to find a way to use the software because I appreciate it’s power.

As for the interruption itself, if it only came up once I would also call it a notification. However, it shows up nearly every time I use the app, and since it’s an unsolicited, intrusive call for attention about purchasing new software, I must call it an advertisement. It appears more often the less frequently I launch it, but I would say maybe every 3 times times I open the program. (If the app stays active it can go for weeks without seeing it.) I have three iPads and I see the behavior on all of them.

The real issue is that the disruption is full screen and it take multiple taps to dismiss. It’s not even right when the app starts up, but shortly after when I am in the middle of a task.

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No worries! Thanks for the nice comments and I hope I didn’t come off as brusque or snarky.

As @eboehnisch mentioned, you shouldn’t be spammed with these messages.
Could you open a support ticket and we’ll see what we can figure out? Thanks!

Hmm, looking at the code it should, indeed, show up again after a few days as we know people just click these things away and then wonder what they just dismissed. But there should also be a Don’t show again button to make it go away forever.