How to display group's tags on the tag cloud?

Why tag cloud can only show the tags of files, but excluded group’s tags?

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Development would have to assess this but if you have enabled Inherit Tags of Groups in File > Database Properties, the files inside the groups would have the group’s tags applied. The tag would then show in the tag cloud.


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Thank you for your reply, @BLUEFROG

I thought that Inherit Tags of Groups can only be used as a temporary solution to view the complete tag cloud (can’t be used in usual times).

That’s why:

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When operation, if files moves between groups, the tags can easily become confusing.

Suppose there are these files in an item list.

When I moved files abc to group a, I still understood.

But when I moved files abc to group b, the file tags became confusing, because I would forget which of the files tags belong to groups or files own tags.

The actual situation will be more complicated than this.

And in this whole process, the empty group c (meaningful for me) will not be displayed in the tag cloud.

You’re welcome.
As I mentioned, Development would have to look at this. Cheers!

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Filters show only matching documents or groups containing matching documents at the moment.