How to download entire website without external links

Despite getting a quick grasp of DTpro, i’m not having such luck with DEVONagent.

I might be wrong, but isn’t it possible to download an entire website using DA? If so, is that what the crawler is for? Lastly, how would one go about doing so, without having EXTERNAL links also be downloaded?

Mind you, i don’t want to download the links alone and separately, but all as one website, residing somewhere on my harddisk (preferably in DT pro).

If this is NOT possible, could some please recommend good Mac software for this (free is better, but not required). :wink:

Thanks in advance.

This is not possible with DEVONagent but you could use DEVONthink Pro’s download manager. Add the base URL to the queue and then change the options:

  1. Activate “Follow Links” (e.g. choose “On same host”)
  2. Select the file types you want to download (e.g. markup, sheets & scripts, embedded images and images)

Limit Point software has a $25 program called Blue Crab that will download an entire site for you. There is also a free program called Websucker 1.0 but it doesn’t seem to work as well.

Both SiteSucker and DeepVacuum (a wrapper around wget) do the job quite well, and both are free.