How To Duplicate a Smart Group

How does one duplicate a Smart Group so it can be reused or slightly modified on the basis of already existing Smart Group-Filter-Set?

Select it in the Navigator panel, right click on it and chose Duplicate.


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Hi @Stephen_C

The Duplicate-Option is grayed out in the Date-Menu and not even available in the right-click-Menu … that’s why I am asking … and still looking for a solution.


I don’t think that this works in the navigator sidebar. You need to select the smart group in the main window.

That did the trick @KevinCoates. Thanks!

Glad that worked.

To the DEVON folk: I’m sure there’s a good reason that the functionality of what you can do with groups when they’re displayed in the sidebar is different to when they’re displayed in the main window, but in practice I bump on this fairly frequently. I don’t find it intuitive.

Not a big deal of course.

That’s very odd because it certainly works for me (i.e., selecting and right clicking in the Navigate sidebar). Maybe there is something different about our window arrangements.