How to enable Growl with DA?

I am not getting Growl notifications for DA searches ending. When I checked the Growl preference pane, DA is not listed. I didn’t see any thing about Growl in the DA preferences. I haven’t been able to find anything in the documentation.

Can anyone help me get Growl working with DA?

Add the Growl script as an action to a search set. When the search run with this set is done, the script is called and a Growl notification is posted.

Ah. Nice and easy. Thanks Eric. 'Preciate the quick help.

I’m not familiar with scripts. Where to find the “growl script”?
How can I “activate” it?



DEVONagent Pro doesn’t include this script (or support for Growl) any longer but supports Mountain Lion’s Notification Center instead (see Windows > Search Sets > Actions).