How to enter normal text after a link

Hi all,

Just a simple question (I think). When entering rtf into a note, how do I return to normal unlinked text after the link? That is to say, once I’ve created the link and I want to continue typing normal text, how to I “close” the link text. The workaround I have used is to type a character above the link, cut it and paste it below the link and the replace it with the text I want to type. But I’m convinced there’s an easier way to do it.
Can anyone advise?


Declan, I do something similar. I type a space or punctuation character before inserting or converting a hypertext string to the left of the space or punctuation mark.

Similar here. I will finish typing the sentence or thought, then go back and select the text to make a link. A lot easier than making the link, then continuing.