How to exclude documents from search?

I have (RTF) documents in an Evernote-imported group and I convert these docs slowly into Markdown records. - After done so, I don’t want to throw the Evernote docs away, but keep them in their Evernote group (or maybe a subgroup “Evernote_done”).

Of course, I don’t want these Evernote docs to come up in searches, because I have the stuff now neatly as Markdown in my normal Items group.

So, on macOS (my main platform) how can I exclude documents from search? Via some special tag or group? That would be great!

If you have a look at the Get Info panel (cmd-shift-i) there’s a set of four tick boxes under Exclude and one of them is ‘Search’. Documents with this box checked will not appear in searches.

You can also exclude groups from searching in the same way, but as far as I can tell, this doesn’t affect their children, so it’s not automatic by default. I think you may be able to set it programmatically with a folder script (I’ve never tried it though).

Thanks, that seems to work. Two problems though:

  1. This flag seems to be not obeyed on iOS. %-(
  2. For maintenance of these excluded item, is there a way to create a “overriding” search, so that I get a list of all excluded items?

Search in DEVONthink is pretty confusing and inconsistent between platforms…

I’m afraid I don’t know to either question. Sorry…

iOS ≠ macOS
Also, the underlying tech in DTTG2 is not the same as in DEVONthink on the Mac.
And, DTTG2 is really version 1 of the app. DEVONthink on the Mac is a far more powerful and mature app.
So you shouldn’t expect them to behave the same in all cases.

I have filed a request but bear in mind there are technical and UI issues that have to be considered on this.