How to export DT folder to another DT Database?

Never tried this before but is there a decent way to export a DT folder from one DT database to another with the metadata intact?

Just select the group, choose File > Export > as Files & Folders. Switch the database and choose File > Import > Files & Folders… and select the exported folder.

Thanks…worked great.

Can’t believe I never had to do that before.

Hi there.

I have the same problem, but this works not here (DTPO 1.3.4)

I choose (highlight) a file (.rtf), go to file (in german Ablage)/export/files and folder (Dateien und Ordner), but there is no "as files and folder).

When I select “files and folder” it the finder opens where I should choose a file or folder, but I just want to export the rtf. filein my database.

And: There is no possibility to change the database.

Did I get something wrong?

Greetings Marcus

Just choose Ablage > Exportieren > Dateien & Ordner…, then select the destination folder and the selected stuff will be exported to the desired destination.

oh, but that means, that the file will exported to this folder, then I switch my database, import the file from the folder, and have the file now in my database, but also in this exportfolder.

I had thought there were something like a “Zwischenablage”, from where the file will be deleted after import to the other database.