How to finally delete single files from trash?

For example, if there are some missing files, but I don’t want to keep them anymore, how could I do? Move to the trash and then empty the entire trash?

Why are you leaving your Trash unemptied? It shouldn’t be used as a filing cabinet. Items you’re not sure about deleting should be moved into a temporary location for you to curate at some point.

I wonder what is the expected way to use the “Trash”? Maybe Move to Trash and then empty the Trash? But, since we are supposed to keep the Trash emptied, why not just throw the “Trash” concept away and change the “move to trash” to “delete immediately”? If I only move the “missing files” records to trash, it is still reported as failure records.

If I had some paperwork at home I wasn’t sure if I should keep, I wouldn’t put it in the kitchen’s garbage can to sort out later.

We could have completely deleted them immediately since we use this software in a computer instead of a kitchen, It’s even better than offering such a confusing “Trash” which conflicts with the meaning and usage widely accepted by MacOS users already.

I can certainly see both sides of the argument here. Jim has provided support to a great number of people over the years, and his warning will be suited to a significant number of people. One of the great things about DT, though, is the many ways users can interact with it, the way it is suited to numerous workflows. I too had expected it to be possible to delete individual files from trash - as it is in Mail (but isn’t in the system trash, IIRC). I can see the virtue in checking files before emptying trash, although I no longer do so (other than a brief visual sweep through the list).

For those who want some indication of whether or not a record is ready to be deleted permanently, the lock function might be helpful. When trash contains locked items, emptying the trash will bring up a dialog asking whether only unlocked or all items should be permanently deleted. That function would allow for several work flows:

→ mark all files in the trash locked, apart from those which you actually want to remove. Empty trash selecting the “only unlocked files” button in the dialog which then opens. A workaround, I agree, but it would work.

Thanks a lot. Your suggestion is a good workaround.

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