how to find duplicates and convert them into replicants?

i’m just »spring cleaning« my hd’s and dtp-databases and in doing so i import a lot of folders into my dtp-database. that results in a lot of duplicates that i want to get rid off.

but how do i find them?
of course i can copy & paste the title of the document and insert it into the »find«-window. but that procedure will take a liftime.

i tried »siehe« (i think it’s »see also« in the international edition). i found a lot of similar documents but not the duplicats.

is there an easier, or should i say faster way to turn duplicats into one original and the rest replicants? has someone a script for that? some tricks?
who can help?

thank you


the script posted in this thread might be useful:

i will look at it this weekend. thank you for that hint.