How to find indexed location of file open in Workspace (DT)?

I would like to know how to find the indexed location of a file that I have open in a Workspace. Is there a way to learn that ?? I haven’t been able to find that.

In the Info inspector or Info popover.

As I mentioned here today (and overlapping with your other post)

That works fine for indexed files but it doesn’t work for tabbed, open files. Cmd-R just reveals location info for indexed files.

That is incorrect.
Command-R (or Data > Reveal) will reveal the location of the document active in the view/edit pane, imported or indexed.
However, you need to make sure the view/edit pane has focus, i.e., click in the document, before running the command.

Cmd R / (Data->Reveal) does not reveal info for different files open as tabs in a workspace - files that come from different Group-Indices (not the same index). No matter the ‘focus’ on a tabbed-workspace file, Cmd R defaults to a file in the index pane above the workspace area.

Let me rephrase again: Command-R (or Data > Reveal) will reveal the active document in its current location.