How to fix doubled folders in database with indexed directory tree?

I have a daatbase which contains only indexed directory trees. Some folders and document appear doubled. Forr example The folder PaPS-2023 appears twice. Here I have selected the first appearance:

And here the second appearance:

When you look at the info inspector on the right side, both PaPS=2023 folders point to the same location!!! This cannot be right. Also the content of the folders is different and contains more doubles…

What have I done to fix it?

  • I ran Verify & Repair Database
  • I ran Rebuild Database
  • I ran Update Items

So that eventually the database is now free of any Verify errors (No missing files anymore) – but the doubled folders persist - as said I ran Rebuild Database (and waited patiently until the rebuild had finished), but even that didn’t sort it out! :unamused:

So how can I fix this? Is there a “Really Rebuild Database” function? :dizzy_face:

Thanks for pointers – I’m pretty frustrated about this…

And you’re indexing from where?

I am indexing in the database the folder ~/Dropbox/docs. Is that what yiu were asking about?

And what sync method are you using?

Dropbox Sync Store

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.

Thanks. Just sent it off.

I really hope to find a solution how to rebuild the database in way that these doubles go away! It is sooo frustrating…