How to fix "Open with..." w/ a doc created within DT?

I’ve tried creating a New Rich Text from within DT, but can’t open it with an external application (e.g., Word or TextEdit). In fact, I’m having trouble using the “Open with” command with RTFs (as well as facing trouble using the “Open with” command with Plain Text, HTML files, etc.).

Is there any way to correct this? Thanks!

Sounds like a Finder problem. Rebuilding your Launch Services Database will solve the issue.

Ok, thanks. I’ve tried running Cocktail a few times but that hasn’t fixed it. Any other recommendations?

Thanks very much…

In the Finder, click on a RTF file and open the Info panel.

On my Mac the default for ‘Open with’ is TextEdit. Click on the popup button to see the list of other applications on your computer that can open an RTF file.

DEVONthink’s ‘Open With’ command will honor that list.
RTF Info Panel-Open with.jpg

C ocktail has a routine to rebuild the Launch Services Database, or restore it to default settings. Click on the System icon in the Toolbar, then on the Databases tab.

Well, I ran Cocktail exactly as you suggested but it still hasn’t fixed the “Open with…” problem. Any other suggestions? Thanks!

The “open with” list in DT is often not consistent with the “open with” list in Finder - the items shown in DT are not the items shown in Finder. Even with rebuilding the launch services database, restarting DT, etc etc. For example, in DT “open with” Preview never works for me on PDFs, but it works if I show the document in Finder and “open with” Preview there. (FWIW, my default PDF app in the LS database is Skim, not Preview). With other doc types this is not a problem. It’s a minor annoyance.