How to fix problem with broken links to images

I’m having a problem with broken links to images.

I imported the dump from my camera. Then I’ve been going through and changing the names on some individual images and grouping others.

Here’s what is happening when changing the name of a single image works right. Under the “Get Info” panel I see the following:

Name: 1940-July-11-refugees-Portugal.jpg
Path: ./jpg/9/1940-July-11-refugees-Portugal.jpg

When it doesn’t work right and the link breaks this is what I see:

Name: 1940-July-21-Morocco-political-situation.jpg
Path: ./tiff/1/1940-July-21-Morocco-political-situation.tiff

Both of these images are in the same folder and imported at the same time.

I can’t figure out why Devonthink is changing the “jpg” part to “tiff”. I am using the same method for all of the images. I haven’t moved the location of the database or library where the photos were originally stored.

Sometimes I can re-import the image and it will make a link. Other times it simply won’t take.

Any ideas?