how to force db to use new window when opened?

With DtPO already running, I’m desperate for a way to reopen databases using their previous window(s). Every method of opening I’ve tried in 2.5.1 reuses a window of the current database, which is driving me nuts. I’ve brought up the topic of multi-db window management before but now it’s worse then how I remember it in previous versions up until about the middle of last year. Setting Preferences > General > “Open windows that were open on quit” isn’t enough since it only applies to startup.

So, I’m still stuck not being able to convince every database to retain/restore its window layout regardless of how/when it’s opened. Is there any help or hope for resolving this? Thanks!

Would Go > Workspaces be insufficient for you? I’m thinking it may not be exactly what you’re thinking of but…

Workspaces might help in certain cases but won’t resolve all the issues. Thanks for the suggestion.

[Note: The “Open windows that were open on quit” preference is always enabled]

Here’s one thing that’s changed for the worse (IMO):

Without DtPO running, opening a database used to consistently (mostly) restore the previous window position/size and top-level view it had when last closed. Now, sadly, the Global Inbox window appears first before being “replaced” with the top-level view of the database. Same GI window reusage happens opening a database when focus is on the GI window with DtPO already running. Using Workspaces seems to be the only way to reopen a database with its previous window position(s)/size(s), which is more laborious than I’d like.

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I wrote:

Maybe you meant File > Open Recent > … always uses a new window (or is intended to)? At least here, File > Open Database… reuses the current window.

I used to rely on File > Open Recent > … using a new window, usually with the desired location/size. Now it reuses the current window, which is significantly bothersome because – and this is the motivating point behind this topic:

I’ve lost the ability to reopen databases with their top-level windows being where I’d previously, specifically, intentionally positioned/sized them. :frowning:

Another thing that still puzzles me is trying to predict how File > New Window will behave. It mostly seems to reuse a previous position/size, but which one? And sometimes it (annoyingly) overlays another window at the same size/position. At best, the new window happens to be where I want it for reopening another database which provides a non-Workspaces workaround for File > Open Recent > … reusing the current window instead of opening a new one.

Before reopening this can-o-worms any further I want to get more up-to-speed on changes since my related muli-db DtPO usage and older posts about it.

Is it possible to open a database and/or global Smart Group with a new window instead of reusing the current window? I’m desperate for that functionality, especially when opening a db.

File > New Window or the New Window contextual menu item only operate on already-open databases, and not at all on global smart groups. Otherwise, they are greyed out. Now that you mention it, however, it seems reasonable that New Window would always be available – while selecting Favorites, or Recents, or smart groups, or just about anything. (I can’t think of a selectable record or group or sidebar item that wouldn’t be a candidate for a new window.)

Yup. :frowning:

Likely I’d be satisfied if New Window worked like that. Thanks for suggesting it!