How to get a Digest from Archived data

This is a question about how to do something, but it might be about a “missing” feature.

I did a search that I deliberately wanted to be very thorough and which ran for about two hours, downloading over 9,000 pages and about 35 MB. I was able to do everything everything that I wanted to do (Digest view, highlighted text in Pages view, look at web sites, etc.). However, due to the large amount of data, I could not leave the Search results window, or, indeed, the program, open as long as I needed to in order to complete my analysis. I archived the data and quit the program, but now I can’t explore the data like I could using the Search results window–no digest, and it appears as though the amount of highlighted text which results from a Search in the Archive window is a small fraction of the amount of highlighted text that I formerly had on Pages view, before I closed the program, but I’m still investigating that possibility as I could be mistaken. Definitely no digest, however, unless I’m overlooking something

Is there some way to get back the ability to explore the archive with the same cool features that I had through the search results window, but without doing the search again?


Not yet but this will come. But if you’ve deactivated the “Clear cache on quit” option, running the same search again should be very fast (and last only few minutes).