How To Get Consistent PDF Web Clipping Files?

Looks like this clipping method is based on the browser window width so the resulting file layout varies with the same web resource. Is there a way to make the output consistent?

From Safari I noticed Print to PDF is more consistent that Export as PDF.


Do you clip single page PDFs?


I see: one page == export; paginated == print.

Can’t decide if I prefer similar to print or web page. If I did want to make one page a consistent width, what’s the best way? Seems like this would be a nice option to bake into the DEVONthink web clipper.

One possibility is to a use a bookmarklet (see and to modify it slightly so that it doesn’t use the current width of the window but a static width instead, e.g.

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Thanks @cgrunenberg.

Leaning towards single page PDF. Would be great to get this setting as part of the clipper so don’t need the bookmark bar open for one item.

You could assign a shortcut to it via System Preferences. Then there’s no need for the bookmark bar anymore.