How to get DT3 documentation mobile on iPad?

I used to like DT2 and I now love DT3.
Sadly I use 10pct of it because I do not learn how to use it.
I always learn how to use a new tool while seated in my bed and reading on my iPad. My learning curve is always good this way and after a few nights I always manage to get to decent level on any app, book or concept.
For this I use marginNote that is a fantastic tool to annotate my readings and to capture my learnings so that they really stick.
I never learn while seated behind my iMac because my iMac is where I work and I learn at night, in my bed, sometimes overnight that is the only way I ever managed to learn something.
What would be please the right way for me to get to a pdf or ePub format of DT3 user manual/help that I could use and read and annotate on my iPad ?
Thank you very much in advance.

Suggest do as I have.
Download dt3.3 manual pdf onto your desktop and move into dropbox. On your ipad dropbox open the pdf and read. If you don’t have dropbox on your ipad then you could email the pdf to yourself and on your ipad open the pdf with whatever app on your ipad is for opening pdfs.

I do not know how to annotate using dropbox or if possible but there must surely be other ipad apps, such as Acrobat, that do.

i don’t annotate pdfs on my ipad; instead I copy and share to Things then copy/paste from there on my imac -although mostly in the process of copying either I remember or forget.

Thanks much but where to go please to download a pdf version Of DT3 manual I could not locate such pdf file ? Thank you very much for your help.

I think i got it via the imac dt3 top menu help then thence somewhere on the dt website. Direct is on site at support centre then download where it says.

“Alternatively, read the help that comes with the app. Open it from the Help menu or [download it as PDF or ebook]”


Thank you very much you made my night

I have the ePub format documentation in Books to use on my iPad.