How to get DTPO to pull RSS feeds?

I’m probably making this more complicated than it needs to be. Can someone tell me how to use DTPO to read and import RSS feeds directly/natively? Or, is this even something that can be done? I haven’t had much luck trying to figure it out by reading the in-app help.

The thing that I want to do is to import blogs into DEVONthink so that I can have them indexed locally.

I have tried to use my blog writing software (MarsEdit) to do work this locally for my personal blogs, at least, with no luck. The developer said that the app just isn’t built that way.

Any suggestions on how to get an RSS feed into DTPO would be most welcome.

RSS feed support is built into DEVONthink-are you saying that this isn’t working for you or ? From the Data menu, New>Feed…, and add the feed’s URL and you are done. DEVONthink even has a ‘RSS’ tab in Preferences to setup how feeds are handled. As a tip, turn off the Convert categories to tags option or you will end up with hundreds of new tags in the database.

Ah! Thanks, Greg! I just hadn’t figured out where the option to subscribe to a new feed was, that’s the problem. Now that you pointed that out, I got what I was wanting. :smiley:

Thanks for your help! (maybe I should read the manual…)

Glad it is working for you. I really like using DEVONthink as a feed reader for the feeds that I often save to a database anyway. I used to wish that it synced to Google Reader, but today I like that they are separate.