how to get DTPro to open same window I last had up?

Hi there,
DTPro will open the same database, but not the same window I last had up, even though I’ve dutifully checked the box asking it to.
Is there something I’m missing? If I’ve just updated my ‘TO-DO’ file, and then I close DTPro, when I open it again, I main part of the window is blank, with ‘No Selection’ printed on it. I’d prefer to go back to the same page I had up when I quit.
Any suggestions?

I’ll assume that you have a group named “TO DO” that contains several individual documents. You have opened that TO DO group in its own window, so that it reopens (along with other windows) each time you open that database. I’ll assume the TO DO group view is a Three Panes view.

But next time it reopens it does so without a document selected.

If you wish to return to a specific TO DO document next time the database is opened, simply open that document in its own document window. Next time you open the database, it will appear.

Yes indeed it does, Bill. Thank you. I guess there’s no way to get the three-pane window to open up (this has become my view of choice), with the same selections up that are there when I quit?
I’m happy either way, but thought I’d ask.