How to get into Devonthink via my iPhone6

I have DevonThink on my iPhone6. I was trying to get into it but it wouldn’t read my fingerprint. It then gave be the option of entering a six-digit number but I don’t know what that number is. Can anyone help me out here? Thanks in advance.


Hmm. When you can unlock your iPhone 6 with your fingerprint then DEVONthink To Go should also recognize it (there is no separate code, it’s all managed by iOS).

If neither works there is no way DEVONthink To Go will let you in. There is no backdoor for us as that would also be a potential backdoor for other people you maybe like less.

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If however you close and kill DTTG (eg by pressing the home button and then double pressing and swiping up on the DTTG window), when you next start DTTG it will ask for you finger print again, rather than the code.

Feature request: when finger print is not recognised and DTTG asks for the 6-digit code, an icon should appear, tapping on which reactivates the request for a finger print (which you would use after having wiped your finger and the sensor…)

Ah, that’s getting closer to the problem. I press on the home button and then double press and swipe up on the DTTG window and nothing happens. Not even if I shut down the phone and restart it.

Question: Is there anyway this six-digit code can be retrieved or changed?

Thanks for your help.

So when you swipe-up-to-kill DEVONthink To Go and reopen the app it still asks for a six-digit code? This sounds as if Touch ID wasn’t set up for it at all?

When you have successfully passed either Touch ID or the six-digit code to get into DEVONthink To Go you can change this code in the app’s settings.