How to get more details about why "couldn't upload pending files"?

Sometimes in the log, DEVONthink 3 like “Couldn’t upload 7 pending files”. Is there a way to get more details about what caused the error or which items are involved?

You can create a smart group with criterion of Item is Pending to locate them.

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I know this is an old item, but I keep having this issue and am pulling my hair out. I definitely see a bunch of files that fail to upload. They used to upload just fine until my MacBook tried to sync, now they show pending on both machines and I can’t figure out how to make them stop pending and upload already. Sync has turned into a hot mess. I am syncing to Dropbox.

  • What kind of files?
  • From where did they originate?

PDF files that were imported. Some were simply moved from the global inbox to another database. They were fine on the iMac, where they originated, until I powered on the MacBook and synced that database. After that they show as locked on both devices, as “not yet downloaded” and will not download no matter what I do. This database is only synced between the iMac and MacBook using Dropbox. The global inbox is synced with two iOS devices via DTTG 3, but the database with the locked files is not synced via DTTG. If that helps.

Could this be caused by sync latency? Maybe setting sync settings on the iMac to only syncing files when I close the app would help? At this point that is the only wildcard in the whole system that I see, namely my upload speeds are much slower than download (20Mb vs 400Mb) and the upload speed is causing things to go sideways?

Are these indexed files on the Mac?

There are no indexed files. The database file is on the Mac.

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report Bug to start a support ticket. We’ll go from there.