How to get news from anywhere on a single subject

I’m OK with using it for just some basic searches, but this one stumps me. Let’s say i want to scan for news items about a single, niche subject (let’s say it’s water dowsing (that’s niche!)), how do i go about that? Let’s say I want it to run every week (because this is hardly a fast moving niche). I know I could use Google or other search engines and check the ‘news’ selection, but I’m essentially lazy and want Devonagent to do it for me. What do I do? I can’t see where (or how) to check on search engine news feeds, unless, of course, I’m not looking in the right place (highly possible).
Be gentle in the responses. Thanks

A scheduled search set (see Window > Search Sets) using the plug-in Google News (and maybe others) should do this.

I do not see the plugin Google News anywhere. All I have is Google, Google Last Year and Google PDF as plugins. Apparently I have the latest version (3.11.5)

Please post a screenshot of Window > Plug-ins & Scanners after expanding the News group, thanks.

Is water dowsing a hot topic right now? :thinking: :wink:

OK, Feeling foolish now. I forgot all about that window. I’ve checked it to add it. Thanks for that. :roll_eyes:

Not as far as I know. But maybe in California?? Probably also in Arizona.

Haha! Nice.

Maybe “hot” is too strong a word but I’ve seen it come up recently. (All sources to be taken with a grain of salt)