How to get out of "Text" mode when viewing PDF's?

I was viewing a PDF that I had in my DT database. I had it expanded in its own window. I clicked on the Text tool icon in the menu bar to see what it did. The cursor changed to the text cursor. Now I can’t get back to the normal cursor and have it function normally.

How do I get out of Text mode? I clicked on the Text icon again thinking it has a toggle function but no luck. Hit Esc key, no luck. Even closed and reloaded the application. Still in Text mode. Now wherever I go in DT, the main window or other database items, the cursor is stuck in Text mode only. Thanks.

Open the PDF in its own document window, to see the editing items in the Toolbar.

To switch back out of the Text mode, click on the Hand button in the Tool group.

The fact that I know this may surprise those who know that I never mark up my own PDFs. I leave them unblemished and use the Annotation note template instead. :laughing:

Thanks Bill. But when I switch to the Hand Tool, then when I try to select text in the PDF to copy (drag and highlight) the pages rapidly switch back and forth depending on which way I drag the curser, which is now a “hand” icon. Is this what the “Move” tool does? Thanks.

OK, I think I figured out the problem.

Somehow, in my search to turn off text mode, I hit the lock icon which locked the other document I was working on – notes from reading the PDF. I unlocked it, switched the PDF doc back to text mode and now everything seems OK again. Whew. :unamused:

Thanks for your help.