How to get synced documents RELIABLY loaded in DTTG

I have a few databases synced from my mac to my iOS devices. For many documents it works great and I can view them on, say, the iPad Pro well.

However too often (maybe 1 in 5 times) I only get the document icon with a download link underneath - sometimes I then can after tapping the download link see the document appear. But as said only sometimes, in, say, 1 out of 3 cases I cannot: After tapping the icon just stays. :frowning:

This happens for all sorts of docs: PDFs, Markdown, RTF… Indexed and contained documents… different databases… I have to say though, most of the time I did a search and then selected the document from the search results: Possibly this causes the trouble?

I have consulted with DEVONthinkK support, moved sync stores, re-downloaded databases, etc, but still this happens way too often.

Any tips how to set the whole thing up, that I can view the documents reliably in DTTG?

Whay kind of Sync is it - Dropbox, WebDAV, … ?

It’s not possible to troubleshoot the specific case without logs sent with a Support Ticket, but generally, the common reasons are…

  1. Files missing in the Mac database (ie. unhealthy databases)
  2. Indexing data but not Synchronizing content of indexed items. No contents in the Sync location means there’s nothing to download.
  3. Slow / unresponsive remote servers

With, it’s always possible you have triggered a Captcha. Per Box’s tech notes, log into to respond to it.

Re 1: How to check for this on the mac?

Re 2: Since consulting with you I do set all databases to sync content.

Re 3: I experience this on pretty good broadband connections as well. If the problem is the server I would at least expect some error message, but it just stays on the icon…

You would do a Tools > Verify & Repair on the database(s).
Also, check if the Sync icon in DTTG2’s bottom toolbar has a warning triangle on it.

Thanks Jim. Will do this when I’m back at my Mac.

The database is fine: Verify didn’t report an error.

I went back to DTTG and now (after quite a few seconds of starnge feedback-less unresponsiveness) the document opened. :slight_smile: